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SQL Recovery Tool: Recover Corrupt SQL Database File

Millions of users voted SQL Server recovery tool as one of the best recovery software for SQL database. People with different goals and level of working use SQL Server as it is a Relational Database Management System which is specially designed to run on platforms varying from laptop to multiprocessor server. The ability to support thousands of concurrent users makes it the favorite of IT professionals as a back-end system for websites. The ability to support thousands of concurrent users makes it the favorite of IT professionals as a back-end system for websites. SQL server’s service is used mainly as a server database system.

Best Way to Recover Damaged SQL Database is Given Here

The SQL server carries the data in MDF files and it is the main storage unit of the critical data like:

  • Critical login accounts
  • Configuration settings of system
  • Records about the existence of all other databases
  • Records on initialization information of SQL server
  • Pointer to location of other database files
  • Critical information for the server to get started

The SQL database files also get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons like:

  • Media damage
  • MDF file deletion
  • Alterations in the default values
  • Database header damage
  • Failure of hard disk
  • Internal hardware error
  • Virus attacks

The best way to recover corrupt SQL database file as advised by the experts is third party SQL recovery tool, because the data integrity should not be balanced for risk. The software shows various qualities like:

  • Recover damaged SQL database with all the items stored within file
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2012 & below versions database can be recovered as the software is supportive to them
  • Extracted data can be stored in SQL Server database or in a separate SQL script file

Best way to recover corrupt SQL database file is third party SQL Server recovery tool. Download the demo version of the software and understands the credibility then you also will say that the SQL MDF file repair tool is one of the best recovery software available in market.

Extract Data from SQL Server When SQL Don't Let You Read MDF Files

In order to have fast functionality, quick performance, and reliability, MS® SQL Server is used largely in most of the organizations where data is created in large scale. For large organizations, SQL Server is essentially play an important role. Because of corruption in SQL MDF files, users sometimes feels the need to extract data from SQL Server because after data damage situation, SQL Server does not let you access data stored in MDF files. In SQL recovery tool, you will find simplicity and quickness to deal with difficult matters.

Problem Based Error Message:

Because of the damage in MDF files, you might come across error messages such as:

"SQL Server Error – 5220: Database error: PAGE_TYPE page P_ID for database 'NAME' (database ID DB_ID) is invalid. This error cannot be repaired. You must restore from backup".

After the above given error, you will find it difficult to access large volume of data stored in MDF files. If you are unable to access, read, and use data stored in MDF files then you need to extract data from SQL Server. You may find the above stated error because of 'improper server shutdown', 'virus attacks', 'Trojan infection', 'contradiction with installed hardware or software', etc. There is high possibility for you to attain data by restoring data from clean and recent backup. However, in case you do not have backup data, then you need to repair corrupted file quickly.

Extract Data from SQL Server with Supremacy of Convenience

Recover and restore SQL database with all the elements like triggers, stored procedures, views, tables etc. from corrupted MDF files. The software offers you option to extract data from SQL Server and saves in SQL script file. This is one intelligent solution that brings your smile back which you might have lost because of severe corruption.

SQL Backup Recovery Software: Repair SQL BAK file

Before you probably realize it’s too late, take back up of SQL database which is the safest way that let you have an additional copy of data stored in the SQL .bak file. The harrowing situation could be when you lose original contents stored in MDF files and data in the backup file too. In unfortunate circumstances, such as virus or Trojan attacks, human errors, data damage situations etc. SQL .bak file gets inaccessible. In such situation to repair SQL BAK file you can use third party SQL backup recovery software.

Get Your SQL BAK Recovery Software Here

Consider an error based situation: Suppose you are using MS SQL Server and maintaining its large database. To avoid usual damage issues with MDF files, you have backup files with you. When you mailed the .bak file to one of your clients, it suddenly gets damaged. Resultantly you come across an error message saying:

“Backup or restore operation terminating abnormally.”

After above error, you have drawn towards obtaining professional third party utility, so that backup files can be repaired and recovered. SQL Server BAK file repair tool can easily repair and recovers unlimited data stored in the SQL .bak file.

Repair SQL BAK file by Utilizing Following Aspects of the Tool:

  • The freeware demonstration version gives you a view to all the aspects and features of SQL backup recovery software. Priceless demo of the tool scans and repairs all the damaged backup files but cannot save data as full version is required for this need.
  • Even with meager technical skills, you can conveniently repair all the damaged data because the utility creation is not complicated to go through.
  • This is an absolute reliable and extremely simple to use facility for repairing damaged backup files. Cost of SQL BAK recovery software is affordable and fits into pocket of single user to many employees in large organizations.

Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File » SQL Server Error 8961

Move from how to repair corrupt SQL MDF file to I have recovered SQL Server database with our highly-acclaimed solution to rebuild corrupt SQL Server data and its components.

Our SQL MDF repair tool is one of the prestigious solution in which millions of user trust worldwide to repair and get back lost SQL Server data. The software is brilliantly well-versed with powerful database repair algorithms that ensures that an accomplished recovery of data and SQL components is executed.

Our reasonably-priced SQL MDF file repair tool to repair MDF file can be downloaded for caliber test and can be accessed for comprehensive recovery in three different licenses.

A Brief Discussion on SQL Tables:

In Microsoft SQL Server, rows of the tables are divided into partitions that are added up from one to n. The rows comprise of single partition (by default) and are saved as B-Tree structure. The actual data is stored in the text data note, while the index value for leaf node gets saved in text index nodes. But due to inconsistencies in one or the other child notes to the respective parent node, the table gets corrupted resulting in error messages. This is when how to repair corrupt SQL MDF file query arises in users mind.

Consider a Practical Scenario: While Open SQL MDF File

Suppose while making attempts to Open SQL database, you came across the SQL Server error 8961:

Repair corrupt SQL MDF file and fix the error via SQL Server recovery tool

What is the reason behind the SQL error 8961?

To fix error it is necessary to know the cause of its existence. SQL Server error 8961 arises when there is corruption in text object or mismatch between the parent and the child node. You may discover the real cause of the error message via the 'State_Number' it displays:

  • State 1:
  • If the parent and child node timestamp does not match with each other.

  • State 2:
  • If the child node is the text index node and it consists of data of size that the parent node is supposed to have.

  • State 3:
  • If the child data node is a text data node and has size that the parent node is supposed to have.

  • State 4:
  • If the child node is text data node while the patent node is a text index node.

Know How to Restore SQL Server Database Backup with Ease

Get your answer for query "how to restore SQL Server database backup" with our SQL backup repair tool that is proficiently designed with technical intellect to get back backup file data. This tool is embedded with powerful recovery algorithms at the back end that helps to perform BAK file restore operation without any flaws.

With this competent solution to restore SQL backup file, the immensely damaged .bak file can be restored with option for safe saving of data rendered to the users. With this hi-tech solution to answer how to restore SQL DB BAK file, a simplified platform in the form of user-favorable interface is catered to the users so that users with less tec-know how can perform restore operation with efficiency.

SQL Backup Repair Tool » Restore SQL BAK File

Consider a Practical Scenario: Suppose while in attempt to restore SQL Server database backup, you came across an error message that states:

“Error bpsched(pid=XXXXX) backup of client SQLHOST exited with status 2 (none of the requested files were backed up)”.

This message crop up on screen if the configuration for backup client service is incorrect. In such situation, how to restore SQL .bak file is the query that strikes the users mind that could be answered only with a prominent tool.

Key Features: SQL Backup Repair Tool

  • This software restores SQL database triggers, scripts, records etc.
  • With this tool backup file corruption error messages can be resolved with efficiency.
  • Free edition of the software is provided to explain how to perform restore operation for confident investment.

The software is supportive to all versions of SQL Server and Windows Operating system.

Perform the Process of Backup Restore

Above mentioned features are most important part of a SQL Server maintenance plan which restore SQL Server database backup file commonly. SQL BAK recovery software offer users free and easy to use interface which restore SQL backup which is stored in .bak files.

Recover Corrupt SQL Backup File from SQL Server Error 3266

You can lucratively recover corrupt SQL backup file with ease and effectiveness as our software has been stuffed with advance features that support the respective functionality. The recovery of SQL .bak file is mostly considered as a tough task to be carried out but with the help of our software, the SQL backup restoration process is eased to the best possible level.

Meanwhile, the software is designed with the ability of recovering unlimited number of SQL database from corrupted .bak files so that you can again acquire the accessibility. The sheer amount of user friendliness offered by the software can be measured with the level of experienced by technically sound as well as novice users.

Fix SQL Server 2008 Error 3266 with External Tool

Suppose, while working with SQL Server you require the restoration of data via its backup due to corruption experienced in the database. But while, restoring the backup file you notice that the process is failing every time you try to perform it.

Ultimately, you receive an error message that reports corruption in the backup file as well which makes it obvious that you will have to recover corrupt SQL backup file to regain its access.

Server: Msg 3266, In Level 16, State 1, Of Line 1
The MS Tape Format soft data file mark database on the backup mechanism ‘devicename’ cannot be read, inhibiting random access.
"Backup or restoration procedure terminating unusually.”

Reasons of SQL Server Error 3266

The reason why you can receive the above mentioned file mark error message in your backup file could be any of the following:

  1. While creating the backup file for your SQL database, a write command blunder must have occurred giving rise to the error.
  2. A sudden and unknown media failure must have been experienced in the location of your backup file storage device.

Recover Corrupt SQL Backup File with Third Party Tool

To simply get over this corruption, all you have to do is repair SQL BAK file via third party software offered by us as, it assures successful results.

Decrypt SQL Server Database with SQL Decryption Software

Encryption is most effective and superior way to protect crucial data in which data is converted into an unreadable form. Encrypted data cannot be easily understood by any person without decoding. Well to decrypt SQL Server database elements like stored procedures, triggers, function etc. SQL Server didn’t provide appropriate way, hence in such critical points the use of third party tool is beneficial which provide easy decryption of the SQL database.

SQL decryption software is highly effective utility to remove encryption from SQL database elements such as triggers, stored procedure, functions and views. The software is designed in such a way that it safely decrypts encrypted data with accurate information.

Some Important Feature of SQL Decryption Software

  • Easily remove the SQL file encryption
  • Decrypt SQL Server database of any size
  • Work for both Windows and SQL Server Authentications
  • Complete preview of decrypted SQL database objects
  • Export decrypted data into SQL Server and compatible SQL script
  • Support SQL Server 2014, 2012 and all the below versions

The software required SQL Server environment while decrypting the database. GUI (graphical user interface) of the software is user friendly, even a non-technical person can easily remove encryption from SQL database elements.

Download SQL Decryption Software

You can download the demo version of the software  to check the working procedure. The demo version of the software is capable to decrypt SQL Server database and gives a complete preview of decrypted file. But if you want to export the data into SQL Server or compatible SQL script then you need to purchase the license version of the SQL decryptor tool for this.


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