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Recover Corrupt SQL Backup File from SQL Server Error 3266

You can lucratively recover corrupt SQL backup file with ease and effectiveness as our software has been stuffed with advance features that support the respective functionality. The recovery of SQL .bak file is mostly considered as a tough task to be carried out but with the help of our software, the SQL backup restoration process is eased to the best possible level.

Meanwhile, the software is designed with the ability of recovering unlimited number of SQL database from corrupted .bak files so that you can again acquire the accessibility. The sheer amount of user friendliness offered by the software can be measured with the level of experienced by technically sound as well as novice users.

Fix SQL Server 2008 Error 3266 with External Tool

Suppose, while working with SQL Server you require the restoration of data via its backup due to corruption experienced in the database. But while, restoring the backup file you notice that the process is failing every time you try to perform it.

Ultimately, you receive an error message that reports corruption in the backup file as well which makes it obvious that you will have to recover corrupt SQL backup file to regain its access.

Server: Msg 3266, In Level 16, State 1, Of Line 1
The MS Tape Format soft data file mark database on the backup mechanism ‘devicename’ cannot be read, inhibiting random access.
"Backup or restoration procedure terminating unusually.”

Reasons of SQL Server Error 3266

The reason why you can receive the above mentioned file mark error message in your backup file could be any of the following:

  1. While creating the backup file for your SQL database, a write command blunder must have occurred giving rise to the error.
  2. A sudden and unknown media failure must have been experienced in the location of your backup file storage device.

Recover Corrupt SQL Backup File with Third Party Tool

To simply get over this corruption, all you have to do is repair SQL BAK file via third party software offered by us as, it assures successful results.

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