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Extract Data from SQL Server When SQL Don't Let You Read MDF Files

In order to have fast functionality, quick performance, and reliability, MS® SQL Server is used largely in most of the organizations where data is created in large scale. For large organizations, SQL Server is essentially play an important role. Because of corruption in SQL MDF files, users sometimes feels the need to extract data from SQL Server because after data damage situation, SQL Server does not let you access data stored in MDF files. In SQL recovery tool, you will find simplicity and quickness to deal with difficult matters.

Problem Based Error Message:

Because of the damage in MDF files, you might come across error messages such as:

"SQL Server Error – 5220: Database error: PAGE_TYPE page P_ID for database 'NAME' (database ID DB_ID) is invalid. This error cannot be repaired. You must restore from backup".

After the above given error, you will find it difficult to access large volume of data stored in MDF files. If you are unable to access, read, and use data stored in MDF files then you need to extract data from SQL Server. You may find the above stated error because of 'improper server shutdown', 'virus attacks', 'Trojan infection', 'contradiction with installed hardware or software', etc. There is high possibility for you to attain data by restoring data from clean and recent backup. However, in case you do not have backup data, then you need to repair corrupted file quickly.

Extract Data from SQL Server with Supremacy of Convenience

Recover and restore SQL database with all the elements like triggers, stored procedures, views, tables etc. from corrupted MDF files. The software offers you option to extract data from SQL Server and saves in SQL script file. This is one intelligent solution that brings your smile back which you might have lost because of severe corruption.

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