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Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File » SQL Server Error 8961

Move from how to repair corrupt SQL MDF file to I have recovered SQL Server database with our highly-acclaimed solution to rebuild corrupt SQL Server data and its components.

Our SQL MDF repair tool is one of the prestigious solution in which millions of user trust worldwide to repair and get back lost SQL Server data. The software is brilliantly well-versed with powerful database repair algorithms that ensures that an accomplished recovery of data and SQL components is executed.

Our reasonably-priced SQL MDF file repair tool to repair MDF file can be downloaded for caliber test and can be accessed for comprehensive recovery in three different licenses.

A Brief Discussion on SQL Tables:

In Microsoft SQL Server, rows of the tables are divided into partitions that are added up from one to n. The rows comprise of single partition (by default) and are saved as B-Tree structure. The actual data is stored in the text data note, while the index value for leaf node gets saved in text index nodes. But due to inconsistencies in one or the other child notes to the respective parent node, the table gets corrupted resulting in error messages. This is when how to repair corrupt SQL MDF file query arises in users mind.

Consider a Practical Scenario: While Open SQL MDF File

Suppose while making attempts to Open SQL database, you came across the SQL Server error 8961:

Repair corrupt SQL MDF file and fix the error via SQL Server recovery tool

What is the reason behind the SQL error 8961?

To fix error it is necessary to know the cause of its existence. SQL Server error 8961 arises when there is corruption in text object or mismatch between the parent and the child node. You may discover the real cause of the error message via the 'State_Number' it displays:

  • State 1:
  • If the parent and child node timestamp does not match with each other.

  • State 2:
  • If the child node is the text index node and it consists of data of size that the parent node is supposed to have.

  • State 3:
  • If the child data node is a text data node and has size that the parent node is supposed to have.

  • State 4:
  • If the child node is text data node while the patent node is a text index node.

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