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MS SQL Forensics Tool – Examine the SQL Server Database

Why are SQL Server database critical assets?

SQL Server database provides an effective way to store, retrieve and analyze data. Nowadays, database server holds more sensitive information than ever.

Database Forensics

Database forensics are the core branch of computer forensic used to collect database evidence for investigation purpose.

Purpose of database forensics

  • To find out what and when happened to the database
  • To revert users DML (Data Manipulation Language) & DDL (Data Definition Language) operations
  • Identify data transaction
  • For SQL Injection forensics
  • Recover deleted data rows

Better option for SQL Forensics analysis

SQL database can be analyzed in a more comfortable way to find evidence with the help of SQL Server forensic tool. The software find out which data records got corrupted or deleted from your machine and helps you to recover it back.

Download the demo version of the MS SQL Forensics Tool

You can download the freeware version of the software, for judging the efficiency of SQL Server forensic tool.

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